General Description:

AirySenseTM-CO 2 is a Smart CO 2 Sensor which can be connected on standard Building Automation Networks.These can be used for monitoring ambient environmental conditions for monitoring and control.


ASHRAE prescribes the Indoor Air Quality in the form of CO2 Levels to be within 1000PPM for human productivity to be optimal. AirySenseTM-CO 2 can be used for monitoring of ambient CO 2 in Buildings and Complexes, Warehouses, Cold Storage areas,Hospitals, Food and Pharmaceutical Industries, an indication of the Indoor Air Quality.

Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) reduces the throttle of the HVAC system when humans are not present and achieves energy efficiency. CO2 Level in the Zone is an effective indicator of the human presence and hence is important to implement DCV. AirySenseTM-CO 2 can be integrated with Zone Thermostats for implementing DCV and achieving energy efficiency.