Building Management



Sunlux is the authorized Competence Partner of Loytec electronics GmbH and provides Integrated Building Management Systems, to automate subsystems of buildings on single platform complying with industry standard protocols across different layers of communication. These include electro-mechanical control systems like HVAC, Lighting, Fire, Metering, Surveillance systems, Safety, Room Automation and more.

LOYTEC today ranks among the leading European providers of intelligent network infrastructure products for building automation. LOYTEC’s products and solutions are based on a protocol independent approach for decentralized alarming, scheduling, and trending.

The products are capable of working with most commercially available sensors and controllers and are compliant with all major protocols in the Building Management domain.

Benefits of the Integrated Building Management System

Fully integrated across multiple facilities
  • With HVAC, Lighting, Fire, Access Controls, Surveillance systems, and other utilities
  • Fully compatible with any future energy management solution
  • On site and remote monitoring facility (through internet and mobile devices)
  • Compatible with any equipment/system following standard protocols
  • Controller can communicate with most sensors and devices that include:
    • Chillers / Heat Exchangers
    • HVAC Systems
    • Fan
    • Water Tanks, Pumps & Sumps
    • Lighting
    • Room Controls
    • Sun blind control
    • Power & Energy Metering
    • Access Control
    • Fire & safety

The differentiation of Sunlux in this domain is that we also provide a comprehensive and true building management system by providing the builder and the tenants/occupants with ERP solutions. This can provide information on auto-billing for electricity, water, inventory management, sales, CRM and more. It provides a very cost effective enterprise management for managing, controlling, optimizing and reporting mechanism, thus adding more value to customers. The BMS ERP solution can seamlessly be integrated with each other and can be customized as per requirements. Contact us for more information.