Energy Management

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Sunlux Technovations provides turnkey energy management and solution services. This includes Energy audit, post audit implementation, energy management. Energy Audit is the first step to understand the potential savings of your organization/institution etc. We can help you identify key energy wastage areas, present energy usage and the steps to be taken to save power & energy.

Sunlux has a team of energy consultants for providing complete energy audit services including detailed project reports, key recommendations for Energy savings and implementation. Some of the key objectives of an energy audit are provided below:

  • Ensuring efficiency of power utilization
  • Optimization of distribution network
  • Checking existing problems and points of failures in electrical system
  • Ensuring the ability of existing facility to support further expansion needs
  • Reliability of generator and UPS to provide backup power to the business
  • Assessing earthing related problems
  • Tactical/strategic changes necessary in the facility
  • Identifying root cause for frequent equipment failures
  • Updating SLD in line with changes in the distribution
  • Checking for single point of failure, loose connections or terminations
  • To identify power saving opportunities
  • Contracted demand and current demand utilization difference

Sunlux is an authorised channel partner with Rockwell Automation, who are the industry leaders in power, energy management solutions for a wide variety of industries and organisations. They are leaders in providing industrial automation, power, control, optimization and information solutions, and together we can help you navigate the technology, engineering and design challenges associated with providing energy management solutions post audit.

These can help you in:

  • Minimize downtime
  • Comply with industry regulations
  • Maximize the efficiency of their plant assets

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