Enterprise Solution

Sunlux Technovations, already an acknowledge expert in data acquistion and process control technologies, now provides end to end solution for managing the enterprise. By integrating the industrial process data to the enterprise software, we help manage the complete manufacturing processes, materials requirements, produciton scheduling, plant maintenance requirements. In addition to this we can integrate Sales- CRM, Purchases, finance, HR, Payroll and other required ERP modules. To assist in quick decision making, we can also provide business inteligence solutions, data visualization, management dashboards forecasting etc.

We use open source technologies for the enterprise software and this helps bring down the capital investment required and provide and quick return on investment.

Our ‘Creative technology’ focus is unique to our value delivery philosophy in providing scalable, cost effective, cutting edge technology solutions to our customers.

Enterprise solutions for manufacturing industries: (Automation + ERP)

Our enterprise solution offering an automation of industry along with Enterprise Resource Planning system. We help the manufacturing companies to implement plant automation along with enterprise solutions to reduce manufacturing costs and to improve the operational efficiencies by providing access to real time and historical plant data and key metrics.

Key benefits:

  • Tracks all operations of sales, purchase and inventory etc.
  • Improving the operational efficiency and making the proper workflow.
  • Maintaining the complete production processes.
  • Reduce the costs and labor effort.

Enterprise Solutions for Building Management: (Control your entire building)

We are providing an efficient building management system by incorporating the open source information technologies with building automation for effective and easier control over your entire building. The main key functions of the system are managing, controlling, optimizing and reporting.

Key benefits:

  • Reduces cost of maintenance
  • Effective monitoring and controlling
  • Better way to manage contracts and assets