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Sunlux Technovations, an ISO 9001:2008 company, is a pioneer in providing cost effective Networked Products for Building and Industrial Automation. With Smart cities coming up Sunlux provides SMARTER Sensors, controllers with relevant protocols and web interface.

Sunlux is a technology-rich company specializing in development and manufacturing of world class products and solutions for sensing, control and integration. Having served various domains such as defense, aerospace, and process industries in the past, Sunlux has built an impressive track record of robust and reliable products which have been working in the extremely harsh environments for the most critical of applications.

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Our highly skilled teams of engineers develop efficient processes  for delivering comprehensive, real-time solutions using hardware and software platforms based on contemporary technologies. Our offering for industries include:
  • Control & Automation

    Sunlux Technologies is an end-to-end system house addressing various industries and infrastructure markets that require control & automation solutions. We specialize in the design, development, engineering, testing, manufacturing, installation & commissioning, training services to a wide range of factory and process industries. With a good blend of industry experts and well experienced team of engineers & managers, we ensure the delivery of our solutions is in line with Customer’s requirements and utmost satisfaction.
  • Data Acquisition & Monitoring Systems

    Case Study: High Availability SCADA system The Thermal Data Acquisition and Control System with Supervisory control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Software is used for Thermal Vacuum Performance Test, Solar Simulation Thermal Balance tests on Spacecraft & IR Simulation Thermal Balance test.
  • ATE & Simulator Systems

    Sunlux’s Automated Test Equipment (ATE) group provides COTS test systems used by commercial electronics manufacturers, military and aerospace establishments. Our capabilities include turnkey test solutions for a wide range of applications and test engineering services including conceptualization, TPS development, full integration to ATE documentation and support. With highly skilled, experienced group Sunlux is capable of addressing any ATE requirement – including Functional GO/NOGO testers, custom ATE systems, Simulator systems. We have LabVIEW qualified developers too.
  • Robotics, Manipulators & Precision Industrial Automation

    Sunlux Technovations designs, develops, and manufactures high-precision manipulator systems and robotic solutions for use in hazardous environments. Our manipulator arms are being used in atomic energy applications. We have successfully deployed 5 axis Ultrasonic manipulators and Master-Slave Manipulators. We can offer similar solutions to other hazardous applications including oil, gas, etc.
  • Energy Management

    Sunlux Technovations provides turnkey energy management and solution services. This includes Energy audit, post audit implementation, energy management. Energy Audit is the first step to understand the potential savings of your organization/institution etc. We can help you identify key energy wastage areas, present energy usage and the steps to be taken to save power & energy.
  • Building Management

    Sunlux is the authorized Competence Partner of Loytec electronics GmbH and provides Integrated Building Management Systems, to automate subsystems of buildings on single platform complying with industry standard protocols across different layers of communication. These include electro-mechanical control systems like HVAC, Lighting, Fire, Metering, Surveillance systems, Safety, Room Automation and more.
  • Enterprise Solution

    Sunlux Technovations, already an acknowledge expert in data acquisition and process control technologies, now provides end to end solution for managing the enterprise. By integrating the industrial process data to the enterprise software, we help manage the complete manufacturing processes, materials requirements, production scheduling, plant maintenance requirements. In addition to this we can integrate Sales- CRM, Purchases, finance, HR, Payroll and other required ERP modules. To assist in quick decision making, we can also provide business intelligence solutions, data visualization, management dashboards forecasting etc.
Our Products and solutions are outcome of our demonstrated and acknowledged technical expertise gained over the years in addressing complex engineering challenges faced by our customers. The key factors that we constantly validate while designing new products and solutions are easy usage, inter-operability and future scalability which go long way in ensuring customers’ investment protection. 


It is a protocol converter device converting industry standard Modbus protocol to BACnet protocol and vice-versa.

The embedded device designed around PC104 architecture and is a very useful device offering connectivity between building automation networks in HVAC, Surveillance to external control and monitoring networks.

AirySenseTM-CO 2 is a Smart CO 2 Sensor which can be connected on standard Building Automation Networks.These can be used for monitoring ambient environmental conditions for monitoring and control. 

ASHRAE prescribes the Indoor Air Quality in the form of CO2 Levels to be within 1000PPM for human productivity to be optimal. AirySenseTM-CO 2 can be used for monitoring of ambient CO 2 in Buildings and Complexes, Warehouses, Cold Storage areas,Hospitals, Food and Pharmaceutical Industries, an indication of the Indoor Air Quality.

AirySenseTM-TH is a Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor which can be connected on standard Building Automation Networks. These can be used for monitoring ambient environmental conditions for monitoring and control.

Monitoring of Ambient Temperature and Humidity at Solar Power Plants, Control Rooms,Machinery Room, Remote Unmanned Stations,Buildings and Complexes, Warehouses, Cold Storage areas, Hospitals, etc. Monitoring of Temperature and Humidity inside the Server racks, and Data Centres. Can be integrated with Zone Thermostats for monitoring and control of Temperature and Humidity remotely.

Indigenous LumiCzar: Smart LED Exit Signage Light

architecture of archon

Userfriendly Web based GUI Software

lumiCzar GUI


  • Maintained / Non- maintained Luminaires.
  • 2Watts LED lights to save the energy consumption.
  • Battery backup up to 3 hours.
  • Replaceable signage labels.
  • Self-test with LED indication facility.
  • Easy to Add, Delete and Configure via Web based GUI software.
  • Inbuilt storage facility upto 5 years for data logging.
  • Checking the AC present, Battery health, Charger health, LED lamp automatically.
  • Control facility for LED ON/OFF, Dimming via GUI Software.
  • Performing pre-configured functional test for Monthly, Quarterly and yearly for 90 minutes.
  • Manually performing a full functional test for 90 second.
At Sunlux, we believe in providing a comprehensive solutions to our customers and for this purpose we have established long trusted relationship with industry leaders in areas of our operations.  Thus we are a One Stop Shop for all your control needs.In addition to this we have established a time tested vendor infrastructure to provide us services.
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